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About Us

We are La Carioca. Swimwear, activewear, and beachwear brand. The story starts on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in the 1980s. As a young girl, the founder and also the original La Carioca model, Vanessa Frota, held her mothers hand heading toward to the sea to cool down. She wore an artisan white and orange striped crochet bikini handmade by her mother. Vanessa’s love affair with beachwear and bikinis began and 30 years on her mother is still making beautiful boho crochet bikinis. Vanessa has grown the business into a growing global brand.La Carioca utilises the finest Brazilian fabrics, creates chic and vibrant designs and delivers exceptional fit, for the summer sun obsessed beach and gym lovers everywhere. Embodying the spirit of the iconic Rio de Janeiro, filled with sun, sand, and surf it’s La Carioca’s bold prints and eye catching cuts that allows it to stand out from the crowd. Each piece is impeccably designed and ethically sourced in Brazil.La Carioca meaning ‘a native or resident of Rio de Janeiro’ believes truly in the ideology of slow fashion by supporting a sustainable and ethical way of living. La Carioca provides premium quality luxury fashion at affordable prices while remaining true to the roots of sustainability and innovation with our eco friendly range. La Carioca designs are created with a variety of body shapes, sizes and styles in mind. The swimwear, clothing, activewear collections make finding your perfect beach or gym look a sea breeze. From swimsuits and bikinis to beach dresses and gym sets, at La Carioca you’ll find everything you’ll need to shine this summer.Shop for the latest bikinis, beachwear, and activewear at La Carioca and discover what makes Brazil’s best swimwear brand the perfect accessory to your summer.

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